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One of the things I have always been facinated with is mobile organization. Backpacks. Computer bags. Daypacks. You name it. I have decided to review these packs and bags so that you can make an educated decision when purchasing this important tool. Be sure to read how I review them. What criteria I use, and my rating system.

Welcome to Stated back in 2002 after the big Y2K scare it is one of the oldest website on the interweb dedicated to the reviewing and rating of laptop bags, backpacks, messenger bags, and sleeves. With iPod cases thrown in for good measure (and because I received one for Christmas). Our new search engine allows for easy access to reviews from manufacturer or by bag style. An advanced search will be on-line soon. To use the search choose one or all of the criteria you want the results sorted by. Brenthaven backpacks, or Booq messenger bags. If you choose nothing and hit search you will get everything! Have fun.

Our Mission


Our mission is to be the top site for people looking to select the right bag to carry a laptop; the items that you use with that laptop, and your other belongings. We want to help you buy that bag so that it fits your needs and your budget. If that bag breaks; we want to help you get it repaired or replaced. You might be a man or a woman. You might carry around a laptop for business, pleasure, or because you are hopelessly addicted to the Internet. You might live in New York, Austin, San Jose, London, or Hong Kong. You travel by car, or train, or airplane or even by foot.

Our goal is to cover more products from different manufacturers and make sure we maintain a consistent laptop user point of view.

What’s new about Bag Review? 

In July of 2008 the Bag Review site got a new owner and editor. With this new owner came a new mission.

In the past Bag Review has been researched and written by one person. You’ll notice that in the new Bag Review there will be an editor and anywhere from four to eight reviewers. As editor I think you will be pleased with the backgrounds of the different reviewers. They come from different backgrounds and don‘t all have the same needs. These reviewers will all have one thing in common; they carry laptops around. Our goal is to cover more products from different manufacturers and make sure we maintain a consistent laptop user point of view.

Speaking of users; that’s you. We want to hear from you. If your bag is great; tell us about it. If your bag is terrible; tell us about. If you got a great deal or a horrible deal; let us know. 
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Looking for laptop bag warranty stories…

Calling all laptop bag owners! Some laptop bags seem to last forever. Others last forever because the manufacturer stands behind their product. We are starting work on a new section at BagReview that will compare some of the warranties that various bag manufacturers offer. We would be interested in hearing from folks who have had good, bad, and so-so experiences with their laptop bags. Drop a note to Brian at You’ll need to tell us the manufacturer, the type of bag, and approximately when you have to use the warranty. If you are a manufacturer and want to contribute or comment; please do!